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Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • Delivering on your passion to help kids thrive has never been harder.  Learning and EDUTECH 'experts' tell you how you should be teaching, but it doesn't match what you are experiencing in the classroom.
  • Poor behaviour, attention disorders, increasing stress and anxiety all make it hard to create the classroom experience that is great for learning and good for you!
  • It's no surprise that students’ learning outcomes, resilience and emotional intelligence are all suffering.

if they sound familiar...

you will know what a minefield it can be trying to get quality advice and support

Connected Kids Academy

Introducing Connected Kids

Dr Mark Williams has been around the block. He is able to discern the quality research from the fads and presents the information you need to succeed through the Connected Kids Academy. 

Connected Kids Academy

Each month he will cover a specific area including

Connected Kids Academy

Neuroscience of Learning

Connected Kids Academy

Attention and why it is important

Connected Kids Academy

Neuroscience of Learning

Connected Kids Academy

Growth Mindset/brain plasticity

Connected Kids Academy

Why making errors is so important for learning

Connected Kids Academy

Classroom set up

Connected Kids Academy

Preparation for key events including exams

Expert Views

Connected Kids Academy will also bring you expert views from other critical areas including, development, IT, wellbeing and resilience.


  • Become a better, more rounded teacher
  • Improve connection with ALL of your students
  • Put technology in its proper place to accelerate learning
  • Learn from REAL experts on the latest developments in teaching
  • Join a community of teachers and educators committed to first class pedagogy based on valid research
  • Benefit from practical Professional Development grounded in scientific research
Connected Kids Academy

Meet Mark.

Dr Mark Williams is an Internationally recognised Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience who has worked at top Universities in Australia and overseas including MIT in the USA.

He has been published in top tier international academic journals and been widely featured in media including the ABC, SkyNews, SBS, The Guardian, New York Times, The Economist and the New Scientist.

Mark didn’t complete his HSC until age 25 when he returned to learning and began what became a rapid rise to academic achievement. Mark has studied brain plasticity, attention disorders, autism, prosopagnosia (face blindness), dementia and eating disorders.

He has been at the cutting edge of developing computational brain imaging analysis and the adoption of new technologies like virtual reality in research. He also designed and convenes a very successful 1st Year Neuroscience course at University with more than 800 students.

Connected Kids Academy

Mark has been awarded

Connected Kids Academy

CJ Martin Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council

Connected Kids Academy

Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship from Australian Research Council

Connected Kids Academy

Distinguished Visiting Fellowship Award from Cardiff University

feedback from mark's work

Connected Kids Academy

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Teachers who are interested in how our brains learn, develop and change over time and how to connect with students to help them thrive. Anyone who is interested in the latest developments in learning, attention, memory, resilience, motivation, addiction, stress, and emotion research.
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